Where to go


Slovenia offers exceptional sights and experiences for everyone, irrespective of when you visit. It would be difficult anywhere else to find so many sites of natural beauty, so many cultural highlights and so many ways of actively enjoying your free time in such a small area. Even if you already know a good part of the country, there is always something new to discover. Have a look at our suggestions to help you decide or give you an idea of your own.







When planning your journeys around Slovenia, you can expect almost every mile to offer something new. There are many more such opportunities in the cities and in popular tourist destinations. You can therefore be sure that you have made the right choice in visiting any part of the country, provided that you know what to do there. 







How to feel Slovenia
Slovenia is in no way a destination where after a few days of travelling around you feel that you have seen it all. Experiencing and enjoying Slovenia can take all of your free days, but you are certain to find something new, and of course good things can always be done again. 
The Where to go in Slovenia column covers a number of destinations that are well worth a visit. If you do not yet know enough about the country, or simply wish to refresh your memory, your first choice could be Slovenian landscapes. If you already know which region or area you would like to go to, you can find some tips under Regions and areas. Make use of the interactive map. Triglav National Park is unique in character and importance, and therefore has its own section. The 50 most popular destinations are also a good indication of where to go: See Don’t miss.